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Michelle Froese

My name is Michelle Froese. I am a self-taught digital artist, and I've been creating digital art for over ten years. My art is my passion. I work hard to improve my skills, practicing consistently, and I am always looking for ways to challenge myself.


I was introduced to the medium of digital art when I was fourteen years old and acquired my first tablet almost immediately afterwards. Within a few years, I updated from a Wacom Graphire 4x6 tablet to a Wacom Intuos 4 which opened up even more opportunities for me. In the past couple years, I've branched out in my creativity, trying more graphite sketching and acrylic painting. While I have found working in these mediums an exciting growth opportunity and a great way to continue to improve my artistic technique, I know that my heart is definitely in my digital artwork.


I received a diploma in 2012 in 3D modelling and animation for film and video games from the recently voted 2nd best visual effects school in the world, Think Tank Training Centre. 

I love animals of any kind and most of my artwork reflects this. I've always had pets growing up and I love to go horseback riding whenever I get the opportunity.

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